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Bayslope is primed for any time when our clients are ready to hit the market with their new product, process or service. To ensure a smooth market entry, it is important to process the innovation through a Clearance Search to ensure non-infringement on any existing patent of other parties, thereby ensuring a safe market launch. This is a jurisdiction-specific search that can be conducted at any stage of a product life cycle. We search for active or pending patent applications within our client’s specific country or region of interest.

A major advantage of conducting a clearance search before a market launch helps mitigate the risk of infringement, which can be expensive at later stages. This process helps clients strategize the launch of their product in one or more countries. Our clearance search process is quick and efficient owing to the following best practices that we follow:

  • Every product is micro-analyzed, including its features and elements.
  • Each feature and element is searched for in patent claims
  • Our customized and detailed reports help our clients make strategic decisions and safely launch their innovation in their choice of countries.

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