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An office action response requires both technical expertise and legal expertise to overcome objections/ rejections raised in the office action. Bayslope’s experienced team comes with a strong technical background that assists our clients in preparing high-quality office action responses across jurisdictions, including the US, Europe, Australia, and India.

Our office action response is diligently and thoroughly drafted after careful consideration to the current office action, as well as past office actions. We ensure that all amendments and arguments are logical and subjective, and that the office actions are filed in time to avoid any late fees. We have a high success rate with the USPTO especially.

Our unique value adds:

  • We follow a balanced approach while drafting amendments to claims. These amendments include those that the Examiner might like to see, without significant modifications to the scope of claims.
  • At the time of allowance, we ensure that our clients can file continuation before paying the issuance fees, to ensure our clients benefit from broader coverage.

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