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Smart Homes

Secure Smart Homes


Smart home technology has seen a dramatic shift over the years with the advancement of the internet technologies and other communication devices and systems. With the rising concerns regarding the security of internet enabled devices, the smart home technology has shifted focus towards security solutions. 

This report covers an overview of the smart home technology with major focus on the security solutions available in making of future smart homes. To that end, data driven insights are provided to highlight top players, key patent .

AI in Disease

Artificial Intelligence in Disease Diagnosis

Healthcare sector has  undergone dramatic transformation under the guidance of advanced technology and economic development in different parts of the world. With the enhancement of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can replicate human intelligence, the various aspects related to disease diagnoses are expected to be improvised. With the AI technology, it is now possible to predict the onset of various diseases and  epidemics and therefore allow more time for the healthcare systems to  prepare for such situations.


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