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Licensing Platform launched by USPTO –Step towards combating COVID-19 through IP

The platform currently hosts 180 patents that are available for licensing. Various businesses and individuals will be able to connect with patent owners to purchase the license on their patents through this platform. In other words, this platform bridges the gap between the manufacturers and innovators which will help manufacturers in bringing new
products and vaccines to the market and eventually be extremely helpful in preventing,
diagnosing, and treating COVID-19...


Provisional Applications in the time of Covid-19

A collective effort is being made by big corporations, start-ups and individuals to tackle the Covid-19 disease. Some companies are doing research & development to diagnose infected patients, while others are developing vaccines or drugs to treat the virus. But along with the ongoing work it is also important to secure the innovative solutions in the form of patents, especially for start-ups and universities. Filing patents for the solutions of Covid-19 at the moment could be a great strategy for companies in the long run and a potential source of revenue in the future. Companies with limited budgets can start securing their innovations with provisional filings...


List of Companies filed/filing provisional applications related to Cpvid-19 solutions

IIT Guwahati, A technology and research Institute with various technology courses/programs for students. The institute has protected a spray-based coating to kill infections microbes including the novel coronavirus, by filing a provisional patent. The spray  can be used for any personal equipment such as face mask or other personal equipment...


Ultraviolet Sterilization Technique warrior against Covid-19

UV sterilization or Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a sanitization method that utilizes shorter or more energetic wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) to kill or inactivate microorganisms so that they could not perform the vital cellular functions. Since 1878, artificially produced UVC has been an effective method of sterilization commonly used in hospitals, airplanes, factories, and offices. Significantly, it is also used in food, water, and air purification.


How technology can help to fight Corona virus

Corona virus has affected almost each and every person on earth in one way or another. Thousands of people have died already and more than half of the world population is under a lock down. Also, some reports anticipate that over 25 million people may lose their jobs due to this economic slowdown around the globe. Now today I will discuss how technology can be helpful to fight this deadly virus.
First of all I would like to discuss that how artificial intelligence and machine learning helped us to find this outbreak in early stages. But unfortunately these reports were not taken seriously

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