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Our Work Methodology

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At Bayslope, every project is important and every client is valuable. We deploy the following work methodology 

The Bay Panel

We have an internal panel called as The BAY panel to ensure quality of every work product that goes to the clients. The BAY panel includes technology experts to review work product from technology angle, service line experts to provide inputs wrt service offering and peer group members to review for any clerical/basic/avoidable errors. Each panel member is aligned to perform their work roles and to create a work product which is totally aligned with our client requirements.

Work Methodology

Understanding Needs

We first understand our client needs and requirements by practically stepping in their shoes to get a deeper understanding of their business problems/requirements.

Work Methodology

The Execution

Once the client requirements are clear, we execute the project through our team of talented professionals.

Work Methodology

Quality Meter

Each project undergoes several layers of quality check as defined in the “The Bay Panel” to ensure that it meets the client requirements.

Work Methodology

Project Delivery

After all quality checks, we deliver the project to our clients.

Work Methodology

Client Feedback & Project Closure

After a project is delivered, we ask clients for their valuable feedback so that we can fix any gaps. Once the client is satisfied with the delivery, we invoice and close the project.

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