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Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is a specialized skill that requires technical as well as patent writing expertise. At Bayslope, we have patent drafters with extensive experience with attorneys and in-house counsels, and who have mastered the art of drafting patent applications across varied domains.

We are popular for the high quality of our patent drafts with minimum iterations for our clients or client’s counsel across all jurisdictions, including USPTO, PCT, EPO, IPO, and others. One of our domain expertise lies in drafting software patents and business methods, which is the most difficult domain to draft patents for.

We provide support for provisional and non-provisional patent applications and specification drafting. We add value by:

  • proactively structuring claims to avoid 101 and 112 rejections.
  • including claims covering different types of possible infringement parties.
  • comprehensive support data in the application and intensive details, embodiments and examples for future amendments and additions in claims.
  • adhering to a comprehensive quality checklist standardized best drafting practices aligned to those of lawyers, corporates and law firms.
  • customizing quality checklists that we use for our specific clients and their requirements.
  • covering the broad and narrow novel aspects in claims sets.
  • ensuring varied scope claim sets.

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