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Invalidity Studies

Invalidity studies is the most crucial type of search conducted to invalidate claims or affect validity of a granted patent. At Bayslope, our technical experts studies and analyses the entire case history to mine every minute prosecution data. We then devise a focused search strategy and conduct a very comprehensive search to assess the novelty of a subject patent’s claim.

Our team draws on its extensive experience and knowledge to chart the most effective strategies to uncover relevant art (patent or non-patent). The prior art references that we assess include:

  • public documents such as patent applications filed in various jurisdictions
  • research articles from national/ international journals
  • technical papers published in conferences
  • technical articles/ blogs,
  • working manuals, magazines and books, etc.

The strength of arguments to validate or invalidate a patent and decide the outcome of a lawsuit or closure of a licensing/acquisition deal relies heavily on such invalidity studies. We add value with our:

  • AI based platforms and databases that uncover the best existing prior art references
  • Focused and detailed search strategies
  • Iterative search process to ensure everything important is covered
  • A backup search mechanism to ensure the best search output
  • Customized reports that are readily consumable by our clients

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