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L&D Programs

At Bayslope, we firmly believe that intellectual property is for everyone. We are surrounded by many inventions of small and big consequence in our daily life. Hence, it is important for all of us to know about intellectual property and IPR.

Through our Learning & Development programs, we work towards creating awareness about IP among people.

Our L&D portfolio comprises of:

  • Patent drafting training –We offer classroom-based or personalized training to individuals who aspire to learn patent drafting or patent prosecution skills.
  • Inventors’ awareness program –We run a number of programs to help inventors with various aspects of patents, such as how to review a patent application, what details to be filled out in invention disclosure forms, role of inventors in patent drafting process or patent filing process or other relevant details. We run this program for independent inventors as well as inventors working for product-based companies.
  • Start-ups/Entrepreneur programs –A start-up program is run to create awareness about the benefits and criticality of registration of IP rights and educate about IP basics. The key objective here is to promote and inculcate the culture of IP in India in accordance with an initiative run by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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